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With FIU Professor Kip Irvine

Assembly programming is one of those hidden gems in a programmer’s tool-chest. It is one of those languages where you can actually see what the compiler outputs. No matter what the compiler says or does, assembly is the core of debugging and more.

Kip and I met back around sometime circa 1996-1997. We know it was around that time, but we couldn’t remember who/what/when/where the occasion. Since then, we have remained good friends and when I visited Miami, and as often as I could, I made it a habit of reaching out to Kip for coffee and chat about out of all things, assembly programming and why it was important.

A few days ago, I found the fourth edition of his book and it hit me, that during all these years, I have never asked Kip for his autograph. Well, today was the day. Joining other books signed by the likes of Jim Blinn, Brian Barsky, Bjarne Stroustrup,  J. Peterson and other giants, I got his John Hancock. And we caught up about what we are doing during lunch today as well.

Thanks Kip.


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