South Florida Meetup Group
Presenter (October 26th, 2009)
Iphone Development for Designers


FogView Podcast

Interview (October 2010)
Interview with Ansca Mobile Co-founder Parts I and II


Refresh Mobile

Presenter ( August 7th, 2011)

Mobile App Creation and the benefits of Corona SDK


Miami Startup Circle
Presenter ( December 21st, 2011)
Launching and Running a Lean Startup.


Presenter (May 1st, 2012)

Eight Elements to a Successful Game.


Mobile Gaming USA (San Francisco)
Conference Moderator (May 9th-10th, 2012) 

HTML 5 for Mobile Games: Wave of the future or wave it goodbye.
Taking Your Games Global: Insights into exporting games and targeting international audiences.


Keynote Speaker (October, 2012)

Introducing the Lanica Game Platform, the first recipient of funding through the Appcelerator Innovation Fund.


The Launch Pad (Miami)
Speaker (February, 2013) 

Speaker on Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.


Mobile Gaming USA West (San Francisco)
Moderator, two sessions (May, 2013)

Engine-ering Mobile Games: Finding the perfect engines to build your mobile games.

South of the Border: Exploring the development of Latin America’s mobile gaming community.


Ignite Fluent (San Francisco)
Speaker (May, 2013) 

Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs.


TiConf (Baltimore)
Speaker (June, 2013) 

Presenting Lanica’s Platino Game Engine.

The Wall Street Journal (July, 2015)
Tech World Prepares Obituary for Adobe Flash.

Founders Institute (2015)
Mentor and lecturer for several entrepreneurial classes.

South Florida Swift Programming Group 
An introduction to Swift with an overview of Functional Programming (2015)

Miami Entrepreneur Startup Bootcamp
How I raised more than $2 mill for my two startups and how you can do same (2015)

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