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Minimalist Sublime Text Swift Build

Thats a funny title.

Now updated to reflect XCode6-Beta3

If you are like me and sometimes are in a mood where you don’t want to deal with starting up terminal, and/or, dealing with vi, I went ahead and did a quick and dirty build script for Sublime Text 2.

Am assuming you have ST2 downloaded, and are pretty good at it. If not, is ok. Follow these steps for Swift builds under Sublime Text 2


Tools->Build System->Build New System

Sublime will create a blank file called untitled.sublime-build with the following information


Replace the above with

Save as

Sublime will save it in its packages:users folder.

If you just updated to XCode6-Beta3 then use this

Save as

That is it 😀

Then once saved, write some Swift code and Command+B and it should magically works.

Here is my sample output. Now, who is willing todo the Swift Sublime color syntax highlighter.
Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 4.53.58 PM

As usual, let me know if I missed anything or how to improve.

Also, unless otherwise indicated, this will most likely work under Sublime Text 3.





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